Rules Committee

Bobby Brown, Ben Smith, Jon Huff, Chris Bailey, Jimmy Vass, Rob Tennille

Committee Boat

To be announced


Randy Gregory, George Lott

Reporting Station

Wrightsville Marina shall be the official weigh/reporting station

See Full Rules & Regulations

1. All boats must be registered by 6:00pm Wednesday May 29th and entry fee paid to qualify for prizes. Entry fees may be paid by cash or check, no credit cards accepted. Any boat entered in the CFBMT may not be entered in another tournament simultaneously except for the NC Governor’s Cup. Blue Marlin take priority over game fish at the scales. The same scales will be used for all fish including those entered in the Governor’s Cup series. The tournament or tournament host reserves the right to deny entry to anyone for any cause. Withdrawal from the tournament: 90% of the entry fee will be refunded 21 days after the tournament and clearing of funds.
2. Polygraph test may be administered to top money winners, (captain or mate), and by signing the entry form participants agree to the final decision of test. Refusal to submit to the test will be automatic disqualification from the tournament and winnings.
3. Fishing time will be 8:30am – 3:00pm. Official times will be GPS time. Thursday May 30th, Friday May 31st and Saturday June 1st. This is a 2 out of 3 day event, Captain’s Choice. An official lay day form must be turned in by 8:30am of the day declared as a non-fishing day. Email a picture of your completed layday form to The form must be signed by a participant.
If a lay day form is not turned in, that day will automatically be counted as a fishing day.
4. All boats fishing the CFBMT must fish between Loran coordinates North 39550 and South 39000.
5. All Blue Marlin, White Marlin or Sailfish must be reported to the committee boat when hooked, lost, released or boated. Fish hooked prior to or after fishing hours are not eligible. All Blue Marlin and Game fish eligible for prizes must be offloaded at the official weigh station from the boat landing the fish unless authorized by the weigh master. Scales open at 5:00pm and close at 8:00pm on Thursday and Friday. 5:00pm to 7:00pm on Saturday.
6. Meat fish- 1st and 2nd place Tuna (Yellowfin only), Dolphin and Wahoo will be determined by weight. If two or more entries are the same weight the fish with largest total measurements (length + girth), shall be deemed winner. If weight and measurements are same the first fish weighed will win. All fish must adhere to State and Federal regulations. Yellowfin tuna – 27” curved fork length and 3 per person per day Wahoo – 2 per person per day, Dolphin – 10 per person per day.
7. This is a total points tournament. All billfish except Blue Marlin weighing more than 400 lbs, or measuring 110 inches or more (from tip of lower jaw to fork of tail), must be released to obtain points. Released fish must be attested to by signatures of captain, mate & angler and time of release on form provided by CFBMT, and verified by video and/or digital photograph of release showing date, time, crew members hand on leader and assigned tournament marker (to be given out with registration packet) and
identifiable species all on a single picture or a continuous video clip . Release form, video and/or digital photos shall be e-mailed to All materials must be received no later than 8:00pm the day of release. The crew can not attempt to boat or gaff a released fish. In event of ties the 1st boat to achieve winning points will be winner. Released points: Blue Marlin 400, White Marlin & Spearfish 125, Sailfish 100, Captured Blue weighing 400-599.9 1 pt/lb Weighing 600 lbs or more 1.5 pt/lb. If Blue Marlin does not meet minimum requirements boat will be penalized 400 pts from their total score. No fish may be transferred unless original boat breaks down. Fish is boated when it breaks the plane of boat. All fish must adhere to State and Federal
regulations. 1 per vessel per trip. Any Billfish boated shall not qualify for release points.
8. One person from each boat is responsible for knowing rules, including any changes made.
9. Prize money checks will be written to person/entity on registration form. S.S. # or tax I.D.# must be provided. 90% of prize money paid at awards ceremony, last 10% in 2 weeks pending clearance of checks.
10. Disputes must be made in writing to rules committee. Protest must be made by 9 am the following day or 7 pm last day of tournament. Weigh master has right to hold any fish qualified for prize deemed questionable. If retention refused, fish is disqualified. Rules committee may cut open any fish for inspection. Fish with weight alteration are disqualified. IFGA rules apply regarding fish.
11. This is a rod & reel, hook & line tournament. Double line and leader may not exceed 40 ft., neither of which may exceed 30 ft.
No participant may transfer from one boat to another.
12. In the event no qualifying fish are caught prize money will be refunded less 10%. Excluding Level 2 (See Level 2 Entries)
13. All participants must adhere to state and federal regulations to qualify for prizes. Each participant (including captain and mate) is required by the state to have a saltwater fishing license. Mandatory use of non offset circle hooks with natural bait or natural bait/
artificial combinations is required. J-Hooks may be deployed with artificial lures only.
14. Any boat breaching above rules will be disqualified.
15. Decisions of the Rules Committee are final. Registration Form – By signing the entry form and paying the entry fee, I have read and understand the rules for the 2019 Cape Fear Blue Marlin Tournament.

HMS Permits – All boats must have one of the following valid permits – HMS Angling (recreational), HMS Charter/Headboat, or Atlantic Tunas General Category Permit (commercial). Current permits expire annually on December 31st each year. Permits must be on board the vessel when engaged in fishing. The 2019 Cape Fear Blue Marlin Tournament is a registered recreational HMS tournament. For more information on HMS permits (888) 872-8862.

Rule – State and Federal Size and Bag Limits. Blue Marlin – 99” Lower Jaw Fork Length (LJFL). To be eligible for prize money, Blue Marlin must weigh 400 pounds or measure at least 110” LJFL.